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    Fabless Semiconductor Manufacturer & Custom Engineering Services

    Producing and redesigning solutions for todays semiconductor requirements.

    Our Capabilities
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    Military Qualified Component Testing Lab

    Supporting our Tier Counterfeit Avoidance System along with current and developing standards/test requirements

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Fabless Manufacturer

Developing and producing custom semiconductor components and solutions.

Legacy Product

Custom packaging and screening of OEM die for an exact replacement solution of non available legacy footprints and products.

Product Redesign

Ground up redevelopment services for board and or component level redesign, combined with die banking, therefore eliminating long term obsolete component supply issues.

Counterfeit Avoidance

Please see our Tier Worksheet for our basic tier counterfeit avoidance system. We also support customer defined and AS6081/QTSL based requirements.

Component Screening

Anloy maintains Military Qualification for support of /883 electrical test requirements also supporting many environmental component screening needs.

Quick Support

Our team strives to be the fastest and most reliable in our industry from quote through services and product delivery.

We provide solutions

Creative Answers & Long Term Solutions

As a fabless manufacturer we are able to utilize our extensive engineering resources and substantial die archive/resources to manufacture custom components to solve you engineering challenges. If the needs arises we do our best to provide a replacement solution for those obsolete requirements as well. We also provide counterfeit avoidance screening, up screening a replacement device, and rescreening dated components. Although it also could involve custom packaging of original OEM die into legacy footprints or it may be full redesign and component replacement. We ask that you give us the opportunity to provide your solution

Anloy Products

Quick Turn and High Reliability

One of our specialties is providing a quick turn solutions in todays just in time scheduling world, utilizing a majority soft-tooled hardware and modular software we can usually mitigate the setup requirements for product development allowing us to provide cheaper overall costs and lead-times vastly superior to our competition. For a brief selection of some of our products we offer see our sample databook Databook Link

In some situations due to quantity or scarcity of materials rather than the customer redesign the system it is usually more cost effective for Anloy to assist the customer in designing and providing a fit form replacement on the component level with equivalent or superior quality than the original manufacturer. We are currently servicing Commercial, High Reliability/Military, and harsh environment requirements.


Alternative Component Level Solutions

  • Mixed Technology Hybrids
  • Internal Custom Substrates
  • Multichip Modules
  • Footprint Adapters
  • Monolithic ASICs
  • FPGA on Adapters
  • Please see our Custom Product RFQ Form for basic information needed to get the quotation process started. If possible attach a completed copy at the below email and our team will get back with you as soon as possible. If you do not have the information please still contact our team and we will do our best to help deliver a solution.

    Request a Custom Product Quote

    Component Level Test

    Quick Turn and High Reliability

    Anloy maintains commercial lab suitability for /883 electrical test that allows us to support our customer electrical test and screening requirements. We also support counterfeit avoidance screening from our standard Tier system through industry based AS6081 and QTSL screening requirements.Click here for a copy of our Certifications.

    While we have many existing process flows we do our best maintain flexibility to accommodate any customer defined processes and to accommodate the ever evolving semiconductor component industry.


  • Non Destructive Physical Analysis
  • External Inspection, Resistance to Solvents, and X-ray

  • Destructive Physical Analysis
  • Decapsulation, Die Analysis, HCT

  • Package Analysis
  • XRF for Lead Content, Solderability

  • Electrical Test
  • Electrical Test of product from basic resistors through microprocessors, process from basic functionals through full manufacturers datasheet over temps

  • Environmental testing
  • Burn In, HAST, Fine/Gross Leak, QCI processing management

    Please do not hesitate to contact our team to assist you with any of your custom screening requirements.

    Request a Component Test Quote

    Typical Counterfeit Avoidance Options

    These are typical selections although we are willing and able to tailor a custom solution to your needs

    Tier 1 (Basic)

    • Detailed External Inspection
    • Die Identification
    • Limited Dc and Limited Functional Test at Ambient
    • Request a Tier 1 Quote

    Tier 3 (Average)

    • Detailed External Inspection
    • Die Identification
    • Datasheet Electrical Test of DC's and AC's at Ambient
    • Request a Tier 3 Quote

    Tier 5 (Advanced)

    • Detailed External Inspection
    • Die Identification
    • Datasheet Electrical Test of DC's and AC's at Ambient
    • Datasheet Electrical Test of DC's and AC's at Hot Temp
    • Datasheet Electrical Test of DC's and AC's at Cold Temp
    • Request a Tier 5 Quote

    AS6081 and QTSL

    • Detailed External Inspection
    • X-ray and XRF for Lead content
    • Heated Chemical Test and Resistance to Solvents
    • Die Identification
    • Datasheet Electrical Test of DC's and AC's at Ambient
    • Request a AS6081/QTSL Quote

    If your test requirement is custom or does not meet one of the above outlines please do not hesitate to contact our team and we will do our best to assist you in any way we can.

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